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The WFA rests on a broad base of support from member animal protection organisations from around the world.

The initiative was made possible by the founding members who decided to join hands to create this watershed moment in the animal protection movement.

Achieving global impact for animals

Unlike many industries, governments and other NGO federations, animal protection NGOs did not have a unified global representation. Issues that gain prominence at the global policy level have a major impact on policies across regions, countries, and towns, as well as on the work of the private sector and civil society. Advocacy at the global level is critical to advance the interests of animals.

Many industries, governments and other NGO’s have a unified global representation.

The WFA fulfils that role for the global animal protection movement.

In 1927 animal protection organisations opened an office in Geneva to advocate for animals at the League of Nations, the precursor to the United Nations (UN). Almost 100 years later there is the World Federation for Animals (WFA), so again an ambassador for animals at the UN in New York and Nairobi where important decisions impacting the welfare of billions of animals are made.

The animal protection movement consists of an estimated 35,000 organisations worldwide. They represent millions of people who can now make their voice heard at the global level. The WFA provides a comprehensive structure which coordinates advocacy and facilitates information exchange across the globe.

A number of animal protection organisations worked internationally or regionally and there are effective ad hoc coalitions working on specific issues. Often they work in silos and do not have an holistic approach. The World Federation for Animals can represent the movement as a whole and coordinate advocacy efforts at the global level. Many industries, governments and other NGO’s have a unified global representation. The WFA fulfils that role for the global animal protection movement.

The World Federation for Animals (WFA) fills a major gap and maximises the efforts and resources of the movement as a whole. Creating a coordination structure which increases the animal protection movement’s influence on the global stage will establish animal protection as an issue of global relevance and concern, amplifying and paving the way for efforts at local and national level worldwide.

Gaps and opportunities

There are a number of gaps in international policy advocacy, spanning all types of animal issues, which the animal protection movement could effectively fill. The movement can benefit from improved advocacy coordination across many policy streams. Currently, there is formally coordinated advocacy (through established coalitions or alliances) at a few key policy streams, and limited advocacy at

some other policy streams. There are also policy streams identified as potentially useful for animal protection organisations at which no known, or very little, advocacy is taking place.

The diagram below provides a simplified overview of the current picture of animal protection advocacy in international policy.

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Influencing international policy, together.

As a member, you will have the opportunity to collectively influence international policy where individual organisations may lack access or capacity.

Providing the best information on animals
in international policy.

You will receive timely and accurate guidance from WFA’s monitoring of policy developments, enabling you to take informed action.

Strengthening the global voice for animals.

You will have the opportunity to contribute to joint statements and external communications, ensuring that interventions make use of the collective expertise of members.

Connecting the movement.

You will have a platform to connect, share information and coordinate with other members, as well as to engage in regional collaborations.

Ensuring a strategic global approach.

You will maximise the impact of your work through cross-fertilisation and strategic advocacy across policy silos.

Driving global impact for animals.

By joining forces, the animal protection movement will succeed in putting the inte- rests of animals on the global policy map.


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