Directory users

As a directory user, you play an important role in helping us maintain the directory listings. If you find that there is inaccurate information, questionable listings, or missing organizations, please let us know! It is only through constant assessment of the directory that we can ensure the quality of the information. You can report a problem by following the “read more” link in a directory listing, or by using our general contact form.


If you are the representative of an animal protection organisation, we encourage you to check your organisation’s listing, using the search button on this page, and ensure that the information we have is accurate. If not, and you wish to change something, you could try using your organisation’s email address as the username on this log-in form and the “forgot your password” link to reset that, if need be. Or use the contact-form link in the previous paragraph.

If you do not see your organisation listed, please take a moment to register it. We will review your organisation’s information prior to publishing it in the directory.

Organisations listed

Organisations included in the directory encompass a wide range of philosophical viewpoints and methods of action. This means that organisations ranging from those conducting pet rescue, promoting vegan or vegetarian eating, and even certain environmental groups are included in the directory. The common denominator of all groups is that animal protection must be a component of the organisation’s work.

While a handful of zoos may meet this criteria, we do not list any organisation that raises animals for food or fiber, or breeds animals for personal gain. We also do not list veterinary practices or individuals on personal title in the directory.

Please note that the inclusion of any group in the directory should not be taken as a recommendation of its aims, policies or methods.

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