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Currently, a number of animal protection organisations work internationally or regionally, with effective ad hoc coalitions laboring on specific animal protection related issues. However, often these organisations work in silos and they do not embrace an holistic approach.

Over the past three years, the founding members have been working on creating the World Federation for Animals (WFA) and we are extremely pleased with the result.

The World Federation for Animals will endeavour to represent the movement as a whole and coordinate animal advocacy efforts at the global level. Many industries, governments, and other NGOs have a unified global representation.

The WFA fulfills that role for the global animal protection movement.

The WFA fills a major gap on an international level for animal protection issues and maximises the efforts and resources of the movement as a whole. Creating a coordination structure which increases the animal protection movement’s influence on the global stage will establish animal protection as an issue of global relevance and concern, amplifying and paving the way for efforts at local and national level worldwide.

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The smaller launch:

As of February 2021, nineteen leading animal protection organisations constitute the founding members of this new federation which is a fully registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation in Boston, Massachusetts. We now invite other organisations across the globe to join and share our common goals.

To explain the goals behind this concept:
  • The WFA will be a democratic organisation with its membership consisting of animal protection organisations from around the world.
  • The WFA does not aim to replace the work of other organisations or coalitions but rather to reinforce it through cooperation, exchange, and a global approach.
  • The WFA will focus on global institutions like the United Nations and its Conventions that affect the welfare of billions of animals. If the Covid-19 pandemic teaches us anything, it is that global and concerted action for animals remains crucial and urgent.
  • WFA recognises the immense contribution the existing coalitions are making to raise the importance of animals and their welfare in various policy streams. WFA wants to ensure their work is complementary to that which is already being undertaken, and look forward to collaborating with others as we complete our advocacy strategy and begin its implementation.
  • The WFA aims at becoming the global meeting place for the animal protection movement, hence we hope to welcome many other full or associate members to join our ranks.
Membership to the WFA is for organisations officially registered in their country.

Please join us in building a new and united movement for animals. A movement of compassionate people who will be stronger and more effective together.


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Mission statement:

To improve the well-being of all animals and end exploitation and suffering. WFA will have three primary focus areas:

  1. Policy research, analysis and information sharing
  2. Coordinated advocacy agenda
  3. Policy advocacy


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A world in which animal sentience is respected and all animals live a good life, with their well-being protected.



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