Member criteria

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Why become a member of the World Federation for Animals ?


  • You will be part of a global movement of animal protection organisations
  • You will be informed on international policies and how to influence those and how to implement on the national of regional level
  • You will be connected with international decisionmakers at UN level or other relevant international organisations
  • You can participate in one or more WFA policy working groups on several topics and join forces in advocacy
  • You can exchange information on animal issues with other like-minded groups


Membership structure


The World Federation for Animals (WFA) aims to operate as a democratic organisation.

WFA has three categories of members:

  1. Full members
  2. Associate members
  3. Observers

All applications for membership need approval by the WFA Board.


Membership benefits


 Full members will have a number of privileges

  • An opportunity to be elected on the Board (12 members) at the first General Assembly 
  • Use the title: ‘Full member of the World Federation for Animals’
  • Have full voting rights and right to speak at the General Assembly
  • Receive policy information from the WFA such as agendas, briefings and updates
  • Participation in working groups (several UN policy streams, communications, ..) 
  • Receive all communications relating to membership. 
  • Be on the WFA mailing list and receive all public and internal communications, and the WFA newsletter


 Associate members will have a number of limited privileges 

  • Use the title: ‘Associate member of the World Federation for Animals’
  • Have right to attend the General Assembly, can speak, but have no voting rights
  • Participation in one working group (to choose between several UN policy streams, communications, ..)
  • Be on the WFA mailing list and receive all public communications, and the WFA newsletter



Any organisation – established or not – working to promote the welfare of animals that wishes to be connected to the WFA;

  • Any member of a WFA recognised Regional Network, unless they opt out
  • Receive the WFA newsletter
  • Are not required to pay a membership fee
  • Can use the title Observer at the World Federation for Animals
  • Are on the WFA mailing list and receive all public communications


The role of the regional networks 


The WFA identifies the following regions in its membership structure:

  • Africa
  • Asia and Oceania
  • Europe
  • Latin America and Caribbean
  • Middle East and Northern Africa
  • North America

Where Regional Networks exist WFA members (Full and Associate) are required to collaborate with the Regional Network. For Europe the requirement exists that the applying organisations need to be a member of Eurogroup for Animals before being able to apply for membership at WFA. 


Regional Networks currently exist in:

  • Europe: Eurogroup for Animals
  • Africa: Africa Network for Animal Welfare
  • Asia and Oceania: Asia for Animals


Due diligence process including criteria for becoming a member/observer


  • Potential members can apply for WFA membership via an online form or apply after being directly approached
  • Once the application is received the secretariat will make an assessment on the basis of eligibility with the due diligence criteria
  • In parallel, the secretariat will discreetly consult the existing members in the country(ies) in which the applicant operates
  • If applicant does not meet the membership criteria, the secretariat will inform the applicant directly
  • If the applicant does meet the criteria, the secretariat will seek Board decision on the basis of a short overview of the membership application, compliance with the membership criteria and opinion of consulted members (online consultation)
  • New members will be informed within 3 months after applying
  • New members will be asked to sign a code of commitment
  • New members will receive a welcome pack and standardised induction programme



Membership criteria


Aspirant members of the World Federation for Animals:

  • Operate within legal boundaries
  • Have a not-for profit legal status
  • Align with the WFA’s strategy, values and policies 
  • Do not pose a threat to WFA’s reputation (all new members are requested to sign up to the code of commitment) 

Membership Fees 

Income (of year former to the membership year)

Fee per year

Full Members

Fee per year

Associate members

< 50.000 € 100 € 50€
50.000- 100.000 € 200 € 100 €
100.000 – 500.000 € 1.000 € 500 €
500.000 – 1.000.000 € 5.000 € 2,500 €
1.000.000 – 5.000.000 € 7.000 € 3,500 € 
5.000.000 -10.000.000 € 10.000 € 5,000 €
> 10.000.000 € 15.000 € 7,500 €


Observers: free