By becoming an Observer of the World Federation for Animals, you confirm a commitment to improve animal welfare and help build a world that truly cares for animals.

  • Observers are in support of the work to promote animal welfare at national, international and global policy levels. 
  • Observers will not work against the WFA objectives, undermine its effectiveness or criticise the agreed policies in public.
  • Observers promote awareness of the global animal welfare movement. 
  • Observers will act with integrity, and within the law, to maintain the reputation of the World Federation for Animals. 
  • Observers shall avoid any action that may discredit the World Federation for Animals or any of its members.

This Observer Agreement has been adopted by the WFA Board of Directors to provide guidance on matters of professional and personal behaviour of an Observer, similarly to the Code of Commitment signed by Full and Associate WFA  Members. 

1. The Observer should adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct and comply with all laws, rules and regulations to which the organisation is subject.

2. The Observer is expected to take into account the interests of the WFA to the best of his/her ability and judgment. In particular the Observer shall strive to avoid actions which would have a negative impact on the interests of the WFA.

3. When making any public statements on WFA related matters, the Observer should make clear that he/she is speaking in his/her own name.

4. If a conflict of interest, or the appearance of a conflict of interest, with the WFA arises, the Observer should take action, as appropriate, to address the conflict. The Observer should inform the WFA Secretariat if appropriate.

5. The Observer should maintain the confidentiality of non-public information about the WFA or its activities or operations to which he/she has access by virtue of his/her participation. This obligation shall continue after the Observer steps down.

6. The Observer is not allowed to use the logo of the WFA unless approved in writing by the WFA secretariat.

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