NGOs unite in a call for transformative action for animal welfare at the 2024 HLPF

“Without urgent, transformative, and bold policy action, human, animal and environmental health and well-being face a catastrophic future” stated the NGO Major Group in its recommendations for the 2024 session of the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Development. 

The NGO Major Group, representing non-governmental organisations worldwide across various sectors, plays a crucial role in the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Development by monitoring and helping implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Each year, this group releases a Position Paper that identifies barriers to achievement and provides concrete recommendations to advance progress on the SDGs under review by the HLPF. This year, the HLPF will review SDG 1 (No Poverty), SDG 2 (Zero Hunger), SDG 13 (Climate Action), SDG 16 (Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions), and SDG 17 (Partnerships for the Goals).

For SDG 2, the Group advocates for “whole-of-food-systems” approaches that support youth, smallholders, Indigenous People, and rural women, aiming to tackle a myriad of issues such as nutrition security, food waste and loss, agroecology, the promotion of healthy and sustainable diets, human rights, animal welfare, and urban-rural equity. Only by addressing these factors comprehensively, the NGO Major Group believes it is possible to make significant strides in combating hunger and ensuring food security for all​​.

In other recommendations to the HLPF, the NGO Major Group calls for the recognition of the interconnectedness of humans, animals and the environment to support the health, well-being and flourishing of all.


  • The HLPF will be held from Monday, 8 July, to Wednesday, 17 July 2024, under the auspices of the Economic and Social Council.
  • The theme of the HLPF will be “Reinforcing the 2030 Agenda and eradicating poverty in times of multiple crises: the effective delivery of sustainable, resilient and innovative solutions”.  Learn more about the 2024 HLPF.
  • WFA is a member of the NGO Major Group, and its Deputy CEO is one of three Global Organising Partners. Find out more about the Group.

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