(Full and Associate members only)

By becoming a member of the World Federation for Animals, you are undertaking a commitment to work together with the World Federation for Animals and its members to improve animal welfare and help build a world that truly cares for animals. 

To achieve this, there are a number of commitments, duties, obligations, and responsibilities from member organizations, these include:  

  • Members are committed to the World Federation for Animal’s values, mission and vision and expected to help strengthen the Federation and participate in the work to promote animal welfare at national, international and global policy levels. 
  • Raise awareness and, if not contrary to the member organisation’s policies and applicable laws, conduct advocacy for animals directed at Members of  national Parliaments, government representatives, ministries and key decision makers on animal welfare issues and establish strong relationships with Ministers, elected members, key civil servants, representatives, delegates and delegations in charge of animal welfare, chief veterinary officers, and pertinent representatives of Permanent Representations as well as other informed stakeholders in coordination with the World Federation for  Animals’ CEO and staff. (Full & Associate members)
  • Send representatives to (relevant) World Federation for Animals working groups to maximize information exchange and awareness, and report to the World Federation for Animals’ office the results of any delegated deliberations to assist final decisions by the Board. (Full & Associate members) 
  • Recognise that the World Federation for Animals cannot focus on every aspect of animal  welfare or legislation therefore its agreed priorities will be its primary function. 
  • Recognise the World Federation for Animals’ policies as agreed by its General Assembly as  the direction of the organisation and its members. 
  • Actively work to build a network and promote the work of the World Federation for  Animals and not work against its objectives, undermine its effectiveness or criticise the  agreed policies of the World Federation for Animals in public. 
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting and vote to elect a President, Vice-President,  Secretary, Treasurer and Board to undertake the management of the organisation. (Full members) 
  • Promote membership of the World Federation for Animals through the organisation’s own communication to raise awareness of the global animal welfare movement. 
  • If within the organisation’s scope, endeavour to participate in joint campaigns, communication actions and projects.  
  • Act with integrity, and within the law, to maintain the reputation of both the World  Federation for Animals and its membership. Members shall avoid any action that may  discredit the World Federation for Animals or any of its members. Members are adhering to good governance principles and transparent financial reporting. 
  • In accordance with the collaborative spirit of the World Federation for Animals, member  organisations are encouraged to acknowledge the work of other members: to treat other members with courtesy and respect, proactively informing fellow members of relevant developments as well as respecting achievements, intellectual property  and different approaches. Our members are committed to cooperating and taking into  consideration actions planned or already underway.
  • Commit to protect the intellectual assets of the World Federation for Animals and its  membership. This includes intellectual property (IP), trademarks, copyrights, domain  names, and other proprietary information. Members share a responsibility to establish, protect, maintain, and defend such rights and to use them in a responsible way. This will be used in conjunction with the World Federation for Animals’ branding guidelines which will offer guidance on how to use the World  Federation for Animals’ and its members’ brands. Members shall not bring confidential  property of others to the World Federation for Animals for use, nor may we share confidential information with another member without prior consent. 
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