WFA welcomes new leadership to champion global animal welfare




The World Federation for Animals (WFA) has announced its newly elected Board following its General Assembly held on May 15 in Copenhagen. 

The elections concluded with the selection of a diverse group of visionary leaders from amongst the most prominent animal welfare organisations worldwide. The newly formed Board includes 14 members committed to transforming the welfare of all animals on a global platform. It ensures the Federation stays on course towards its mission and is aligned with its values of inclusion, altruism, trust, transformation, and impact.

Meet the elected Board Members

  • Britta Riis, CEO, Animal Protection Denmark
  • Chris Sherwood, CEO of RSPCA UK and elected President of WFA
  • Carolina Galvani, Executive Director of Sinergia Animal
  • Glenys Oogjes, CEO of Animals Australia
  • Josef Pfabigan, CEO of FOUR PAWS International
  • Josphat Ngonyo, Executive Director of the Africa Network for Animal Welfare
  • Linda Edwards, Chief Executive of the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad (SPANA)
  • Philip Lymbery, CEO of Compassion in World Farming
  • Reineke Hameleers, CEO of Eurogroup for Animals and elected Vice-President of WFA
  • Roly Owers, CEO of World Horse Welfare and elected Treasurer of WFA
  • Sirjana Nijjar, Asia for Animals Coalition
  • Steve Glassey, Co-Founder of Animal Evac New Zealand
  • Sue A. Leary, President of the American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS)
  • Wim de Kok, President of the National Council for Animal Protection and elected Secretary of the Board

The new Board sees the appointment of Chris Sherwood, CEO of RSPCA UK, as its President. Expressing his enthusiasm about his new role, he stated:

“Animals are facing huge challenges worldwide, from climate change to biodiversity loss, intensive farming to economic pressures and it will take the collective effort of leading animal welfare organisations to create real and lasting change for animals around the world. It truly is an honour to be part of this ambitious organisation and I am very excited for the future and what we can achieve together.”

Continuing Board members

Alongside welcoming its new Board, WFA will also see four members from its inaugural Board continue their roles. These members, representing organisations among the 19 founding members of WFA, have been given the opportunity to extend their term for one more year. Continuing Board Members are: 

  • Benny Anderson, CEO, Project 1882
  • Jürgen Plinz, Treasurer, Deutscher Tierschutzbund
  • Lorène Jacquet, from Fondation Brigitte Bardot
  • Michelle Thew, CEO of Cruelty-Free International
  • Steve McIvor, CEO of World Animal Protection.

James Yeates, CEO of WFA, expressed his enthusiasm for the future of the Federation with the new Board’s leadership:

“The composition of our Board reflects the strength, vision, and dedication of our members and the talent and enthusiasm of our animal protection leaders from around the globe. As we welcome new and continuing Board members, I look forward to collaborating to advance animal welfare. We have so much to do and we will fulfill those ambitions together.”

Learn more about each of our Board members here.

WFA thanks Leah Garcés, President of Mercy for Animals; Michel Vandenbosch, President of GAIA; and David Bowles, RSPCA UK, for their commitment to its previous Board.

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