Date: 31 January 2023


The World Federation for Animals is proud and happy to report back on our work last year. Dive into our 2022 Annual Review and learn more about WFA’s progress and victories in making global policies work for animals, including:

  • Achieving the United Nations’ recognition of the importance of animal welfare
  • Integrating animal welfare in international environmental and health regimes
  • Ensuring international trade, subsidy and investment rules improve animal welfare

“Those who have been a part of WFA’s first steps will have experienced how it has grown in the last year. Our new members have bolstered the shared desire and ability to work together to achieve more. Our initial members have altruistically committed to continuing to work together for the years to come to continue to build this vital coalition.” Britta Riis, President, WFA

The Annual Review is also an opportunity to learn more about our growth and successes in building an effective Federation for animals.

We hope you enjoy reading about our work and the global impact we are achieving for animals together.


Photo by Tomas Kirvėla on Unsplash

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