Jessica Bridgers

Jessica Bridgers

As Deputy CEO, Jessica leads WFA’s policy team and facilitates the organisation’s strategic direction.

Jessica was previously Executive Director of World Animal Net, where she laid the foundation for the WFA and spearheaded the organisation’s engagement in the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda. Her background in science and policy enables her to collaborate with diverse stakeholders to achieve concrete actions for animals, including the Animals’ Manifesto, endorsed by Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, and 179 animal protection, human rights, and environmental organisations, as well as animal welfare guidelines with the World Bank, Food and Agriculture Organization, World Organisation for Animal Health and Wageningen University. She holds an MS in Animals and Public Policy from Tufts University and a BS in Biology.

She lives in Golden, Colorado, and is mama to one human, two rescue dogs, and the cockatiel who sparked her drive to improve the well-being of all animals.

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Jessica Bridgers

Thousands Of Cattle Occupy Barren Dirt Enclosures At A Sprawling Feedlot. This Facility Holds Up To 115,000 Cattle. The Visible Cattle Appear To Be Primarily Dairy Breeds. Mcelhaney Feedyard, Wellton, Arizona, Usa, 2023. Ram Daya / We Animals Media

New FAO report provides entry points for animal advocates but also poses risks

In the substantial commotion around food at the recent UN Framework Convention on Climate Change COP28 in Dubai, including the launch of the global roadmap ...
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Michael Anfang 4v Humarjdy Unsplash

Beyond the Summit: Pivotal Moments for Animal Welfare

“The war on nature must stop. We must end the triple planetary crises of climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss. We’re building a group of ...
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Zoe Schaeffer Wfluvgbmddu Unsplash

A green & just transition financed by development banks

Under the theme “Green and just transition for a sustainable recovery”, Public Development Banks (PDBs) met for two days for the Finance in Common Summit. ...
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Sven Becker U6el Lrt6si Unsplash

One Health & Animals in UN Declaration

Earlier this month, representatives of countries from around the world gathered in New York for the annual review of the sustainable development agenda, the High-level ...
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Elijah M Henderson 2mcjtnj8g 4 Unsplash

Creating Guidelines on Animal Welfare in Agricultural Development

The World Federation for Animals in partnership with the World Bank, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), World Organisation for Animal Health ...
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Ben Moreland 8wwpdf4av Y Unsplash

Preventing the next pandemic: Submission for the UN’s High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

Statement submitted in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council in the run-up to the High-Level Political Forum, 13 – 16 July 2021: COVID-19 ...
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HLPF on Sustainable Development event poster

NGO Major Group statement: Building post-Covid resilience means ending funding for unsustainable food systems

Statement on behalf of the NGO Major Group at the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development session “Building resilience against future shocks through structural changes ...
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Elephants in the wild

UN Declaration highlights need to protect animals for sustainable future

After lobbying by the Animal Issues Thematic Cluster, a coalition of animal protection organisations working on the sustainable development agenda, the United Nations has included ...
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