New allies in animal welfare




On 11 March 2024, the World Federation for Animals welcomed six new members, each bringing valuable expertise from conservation, animal law, and international trade to next-gen materials, enhancing our collective knowledge alongside our current members. Get to know them!

1. Animal Policy International (Associate Member)

Animal Policy International champions the welfare of farmed animals through evidence-based research and advocacy. Their mission is to ensure that animal welfare standards are upheld in international trade policy. Collaborating with policymakers, they advocate for responsible animal product imports, calling on countries with more robust farmed animal welfare laws to extend their standards to imported products. Learn more about their work at 

2. Human Rights And Forest Brain Africa – Hurifba (Associate Member)

Created in 1999, HURIFBA’s main mission is to work for the full development of disadvantaged groups and improve their living conditions on a social, health, economic and environmental level. Learn more about how their work to ensure the sustainable development of Cameroon serves humans, animals and nature alike at:

3. Law Scholars for Change (Full Member)

Law Scholars for Change empowers aspiring animal law students and attorneys to spearhead the end of industrial animal farming. They aim to raise public awareness and drive policy reform through education, advocacy, and legislative innovation. Find out more about how they are forging a future where legal protections for animals are strengthened and respected: 

4. Material Innovation Initiative (Associate Member)

The Material Innovation Initiative is a think tank focused on research, knowledge-sharing, and fostering connections to fast-track the development of environmentally preferable and animal-free materials. Go to their website and learn about how they’re cultivating a global market for next-gen materials across the fashion, automotive, and home goods industries:

5. The Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad – SPANA (Full Member)

Since 1923, SPANA has dedicated itself to the welfare of working animals worldwide. By providing veterinary care, training, and education, they improve the lives of animals and support the communities that rely on them. SPANA’s holistic approach acknowledges the interconnected fates of animals and humans, striving for a world where both can thrive. Explore their global impact from Botswana to Indonesia at 

6. Whale and Dolphin Conservation – WDC (Associate Member)

WDC is the leading global NGO dedicated to whales and dolphins. Their expert-led teams work across the globe and the whole spectrum of threats, from climate breakdown to accidental entanglements in fishing gear. WDC collaborates with, businesses, philanthropists, scientists, NGOs, governments and communities to find solutions to the problems faced by whales and dolphins. Get inspired by their goals and approach at

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