The Federation welcomes EAST and Sinergia Animal as Full Members




The Federation is thrilled to announce the inclusion of two trailblazing organizations from Asia and Latin America as full members. 

Environment & Animal Society of Taiwan (EAST)

EAST joins with a mission to reshape the relationship between humans, animals and the environment. Their areas of work include farmed animals, animals used in research, companion animals, wild animals, animals used in entertainment, and marine conservation. Learn more about their work at

Sinergia Animal

Recognised by Animal Charity Evaluators as one of the world’s most effective animal protection NGOs, Sinergia Animal brings a wealth of experience and impact from the Global South. They champion the cause of farmed animals while promoting compassionate food choices across continents. Learn about their inspiring journey at

We are excited to collaborate with these organisations, confident that their addition will significantly bolster our collective efforts towards a more compassionate and sustainable world for animals and humans alike.

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