Carolina Maciel

Carolina Maciel

Dr. Carolina Maciel is the Senior Advisor in International Trade Law and Policy for the World Federation for Animals (WFA). She is currently on academic leave to pursue a master's program in Law at Harvard University (USA).

Dr. Maciel is an experienced attorney in the field of animal health and welfare, with over a decade of experience in advocating, researching, lecturing, negotiating, and consulting on animal protection laws and policies. Her specialty lies in the mandates and activities of the World Organisation for Animal Health, the agreements administered by the World Trade Organization, and the regulatory structures of Brazil and the European Union.

Dr. Maciel holds a Ph.D. in International Law (Netherlands, 2015), a master's degree in Political Sociology (Brazil, 2009), and a bachelor's degree in Law (Brazil, 2006).

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Carolina Maciel

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Highlights for animal advocates from the 90th general session of the World Organisation for Animal Health

After three years of cancelled, online and hybrid meetings, the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) reconvened in person for its 90th general session. This ...
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Brazil’s court order to shut down live export: a significant but not yet final win for animal welfare

In December 2017, NADA, the largest live cargo transport ship, docked at the port of Santos in Brazil to transport 27,000 heads of cattle to ...
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Animal laws legally challenged: the beginning of a breakthrough?

  A major legal challenge over an animal protection law in the United States Supreme Court hit the headlines worldwide a few weeks ago. The ...
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International trade law: beyond an obstacle to animal protection

 International trade law is often depicted as an obstacle to animal protection. This is because trade agreements place an obligation upon countries to lower their ...
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